We care about our student athletes.

Because we're parents, too.

Injuries are one thing that can dampen the excitement of watching your child participate in youth sports activities. And while they can't always be prevented, you can have peace of mind knowing that comprehensive, experienced sports medicine resources - including experts in concussion care - are right here in our community and available to help your athlete get back in action.

Texas Health Rockwall Sports Medicine

We're there when (and where) you need us.

Coverage at the event

We provide on-location taping, injury evaluation and emergency management services through agreements with several area schools and youth leagues. Talk to your program's athletic department to see if Texas Health Rockwall is the approved service provider for your child's sports team.

Free sports clinics

Bring your child to a free clinic for an evaluation by a member of the Texas Health Rockwall orthopedic team. We also offer same-day X-ray and MRI, if recommended by the evaluating physician. To learn more about the clinics and view dates, times and locations, click .

24-hour emergency care

Both our main campus ER and our separate, free-standing North Rockwall ER are staffed by experienced emergency teams and equipped with on-site diagnostic imaging capabilities. Best of all, for the schools and districts we partner with, we've developed a priority "fast pass" for non life-threatening, sports-related injuries. Fast passes can only be obtained from the school athletic trainer. Simply call ahead and provide some basic information about your athlete, and they will receive accelerated access to our emergency care team.*

Your source for concussion care.

Concussions are a serious medical concern and the focus of much recent media attention. We take head injuries very seriously and have experienced physicians who can provide examination and treatment to athletes who may have sustained a concussion.

We utilize ImPACT, the most widely used and scientifically validated computerized concussion management system, as one component of concussion care. Additionally, our medical staff includes a Credentialed ImPact Consultant who has undergone additional training in the administration and interpretation of ImPACT examinations.

ImPACT is the first and only concussion-specific solution to be granted medical device clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for accuracy, validity and reliability. Click here to read the press release.

Baseline testing

It is important to know that ImPACT examinations require baseline testing before one sustains a head injury, so that the injury may be compared to the patient's normal, non-concussed brain. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of ImPACT testing by contacting us to schedule a baseline test for your son or daughter before they begin competing in athletic events.

There are two ways to do this:

Contact us to schedule an appointment for an individual baseline test. The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and in most cases can be done at no charge.

Talk to your school's athletic department or youth sports program director to suggest team or group testing. We are happy to assist with arranging a group testing session either at our hospital or on-site at a school or athletic facility.

Please consider baseline testing in order to ensure that ImPACT is available as an evaluation and care resource in the event of a traumatic head injury. For more information about ImPACT, please visit www.impacttest.com.

To ensure the most effective ImPACT testing, baseline testing should be performed prior to activity.

Comprehensive care, close to home.

With sports injuries, time is of the essence. Whether it's immediate treatment at the time an injury is sustained, evaluating the severity of an injury or undergoing a rehabilitation program, being as close as possible to quality care can make a difference in the patient's outcome. Our comprehensive sports medicine services are right here, close to home, ensuring that your athlete will spend more time on recovery and less time in transit.

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